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Auto Detailing Business Reminder Apps and Coupons

June 6th, 2021

Well it seems there are iPhone apps and Android apps for just about everything these days. What’s that famous line; “there’s an app for that.” The funny thing about that quote is that there is probably more than “one app” for that, no matter what it is – so that quote should be; “there are APPs for that!” Now then, I would like to talk about the service industry, specifically the auto detailing sector. I would like to take a few moments to discuss with you how the auto detailing businesses can leverage these modern day apps for mobile smart phone devices.

It is my contention that; Industry Associations would be wise to get involved and develop apps for their members. First I believe they should develop reminder apps that remind people when it’s time to get their car detailed again, just as the quick service oil change business has done to remind people when it’s time for their next oil change. There was a study done by one of the auto maintenance industry associations that noted some 85% of car repairs go undone.

The most common of course is failure to change out the belts, hoses, and routine maintenance such as; oil changes, fluid flushes, transmission fluid, and changing out of all filters. There is no reason that the auto detailing industry should fall into that same trap. You see, after doing a perfect job on someone’s car, it makes sense to remind them from time to time the need to put another wax job on their car so that the clear coat will stay looking pristine, helping to maintain the value of their automobile.

Consider this if you will; auto detailers everywhere work very hard to give the best customer service, and the highest quality of care. They must do this in order to get referrals, and to maintain a healthy book of repeat business. It seems only natural that this industry would tap into these mobile applications, and send out reminder notices, and coupons straight to the smart phones of their best clientele.

On days when they are very slow, they might also put out coupons to those who have signed up to receive coupons from other retailers based on their GPS location as they drive around. For instance, they might advise customers driving by that they can get a complete hand wash and an express detail for one-third, or half the price, if they come in right now, that is to say within the next 15 minutes. This will keep the auto detailing employees busy, even on the slowest of days. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.