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Lemon Laws Are Applicable For Cars Available For Resale

May 6th, 2021

Even if your car has become old, you can protect from any damage by getting it insured under Lemon Laws. Generally, used cars are nominated under the Lemon Law. But recently, the government has issued new laws, which covers only new cars under this Law. However, there are certain exceptions to this law.

A used car can be covered under Lemon Law only if the owner of a car has documented express warranty, which has details pertaining to the number of years left for the warranty to lapse, and other details specifying whether the warranty of the car has been extended during the purchase, duly certified by the dealer. Having such documented proves will make sure that you are not violating any law and at the same time, your car will be protected under the Lemon Law.

Protection for owners having used cars under Lemon Laws

Owing to a lot of controversies arising during the purchase of used cars, the governments of many countries have passed legislative laws to protect the consumers against any fraud and to curb consumers problems related to the purchase of used cars.

The lemon laws were devised in the public interest. Under this law, a car can be certified based on its condition and mileage. According to the clauses of this law, if a defect is found in the car within the warranty period then the dealer must take the sole responsibility to fix the problem. Even if the problem persists for three times or more, the consumer can either demand his money back or change the car.

Other states have also devised laws for the sale of used cars which specify some requirements, including proper inspection and warranty from all the sellers. Until these prerequisites are met by the used car, the owner cannot sell such a car.

Protection Consumer Laws to stop fraudulent acts of sale of used cars

State protection laws have been enacted by many state legislatures, according to which, a dealer must answer all the queries the customer has before the purchase of the car. If the answers are found to be incorrect after the purchase of the car, the customer has the power to make a claim against the dealership. Some state legislatures also make it mandatory for the dealer to disclose all facts related to the car, even if it is not asked by customers. These facts include whether the car was ever used for rental or demonstration purpose.