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Developing Web Presence for Regional Auto Detailing Companies

April 6th, 2021

Successful auto detail shops and regional mobile car detailing companies know that they must have a strong web presence to maintain credibility with their customer base. There are many relatively inexpensive things an Automotive Detailing Firm can do to insure that their websites are interactive, informative and user friendly. Additionally it makes sense for these companies to sell things on their websites to enhance sales.

For instance it makes sense to put together a simple online catalog to sell products and an order system to schedule detailing. This is fairly simple to do. They also should be selling do it yourself car cleaning kits, clubs, and after market auto accessories. This should be complimented by print catalogs to mail or give to customers during Christmas season.

For regional operations the sales and orders through a catalog or online program coming from a particular shop or territory, by zip code should be credited to the most local store to insure fairness and judge total sales. If the company is a franchise system then the sales should be credited against that particular franchise outlet and their royalties should be reduced a rate of 10% of the purchases.

In the case of a mobile operation all the route unit for that territory should have to do is drop off the catalogs where they clean and detail cars at homes and office buildings. Every time someone in their territory orders their royalties will be reduced, until they are zero and then carry on to next month.

Additionally to help such a system really work well the program should include a partner program for other complimentary type businesses. We developed such a program call the “Team Blue Concept” which mirrored our Automotive Club Group called “Team Yellow” which was a referral network of local automotive shops for tires, brakes, oil changes and stereo installations. By involving other companies the firms can unite for complete and utter regional dominance through referrals and a strong bond with the online pay website. A percentage can be taken of all products sold to pay for the effort and the competition of each firm is devastated, slammed into the carpet hard.

By properly using the Internet and a strong web presence you can increase sales, develop a network of complimentary regional industry companies to help you destroy your competition and dominate the market place. Every one wins and the customers will love it. Meanwhile the competition will hate you even more as the forced into submission. Think on this in 2006.